Tim Mutton

Tim Mutton

Founder & CEO, Blacksheep

Tim Mutton is the founder and CEO of Blacksheep, the award-winning, international and independent design agency. Winner of the Wave of Future Award US 2012 for hospitality design, Tim is considered a leading authority on the hospitality sector. He combines a passion for F&B design with in-depth sector knowledge of the practical, business and operational aspects of a business.

Recently voted one of the UK’s Top 50 Consultancies by Design Week’s Creative Survey, Blacksheep is an international, independent and innovative design agency that creates unique and memorable experiences for powerful global brands. Experts in the hospitality sector, Blacksheep embodies the culture of the industry through the way it partners with its clients.

Blacksheep’s philosophy is founded on a combination of strategic and informed industry insight coupled with a flair and passion for all things remarkable, ensuring they create brands that stand out in today’s competitive market.

Blacksheep aspires to work with the best brands and people the industry has to offer as it believes its most successful work comes from building and maintaining strong relationships with like-minded professionals. Over the past 10 years, Blacksheep has collaborated with a wide range of brands from the Food & Beverage industry such as Jamie Oliver, Four Seasons, Fairmount, Hilton, Hermes, Gordon Ramsey, BA, Wedgewood and Diageo.