Robbie Bargh

Robbie Bargh

Founder, Owner, Gorgeous Group

Robbie Bargh is founder and owner of Gorgeous Group, a global hospitality agency responsible for creating some of the best and most original restaurant and bar concepts across the globe. Robbie has been in the industry for over two decades regularly travelling the globe pushing the boundaries when it comes to eating and drinking in hotels, on the high street, on cruise liners, in shopping malls and in travel hubs. Obsessed with bringing to life emotional engaging guest experiences – he is a passionate disrupter, always pushing clients to deliver richer and deeper story telling when it comes to restaurants and bars.

With masses of international experience including Europe, South and North Americas, Asia Pacific and Africa he is a global ambassador for the creation of exciting and thrilling F&B. He is based in London one of the most exciting cities in the world and a global centre of excellence when it comes to the dining and drinking scene. When not on a plane, at a restaurant or in a bar – Robbie can be found at Gorgeous Group HQ’s tucked away in uber cool Shoreditch.

For over 30 years, living and working in New York and London. He has gained first-hand experience running Gorgeous Group with hotel brands, luxury food and beverage retailers, airlines, and high street restaurant and bar brands. They are currently working on projects in areas such as London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Paris, Muscat, New Delhi, Nairobi, Istanbul and Ottawa. Robbie has an acute understanding of the global traveller and of the many choices that exist when it comes to food and drink experiences.

Robbie Bargh is also one of the co-founders and a partner in the highly successful and critically acclaimed Dishoom, with restaurants in Covent Garden, Shoreditch, Carnaby Street and Kings Cross in London.